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Judith Van Herck is the designer of the brand ‘JUDITH’. This luxury lingerie brand stands for authenticity and boldness with a feminine touch. 

Judith has a background as costume designer in film, opera and theatre productions. This is why every single collection is being built around a character rather than around a fashion statement. 

Wearing JUDITH makes a woman feel powerful, sexy and allows her to move and act in a sensual way. The artistic feel is an inextricable result of the designer’s vision on women’s beauty in general and on lingerie in particular. Beauty perceived as a reflection of confidence, sensuality and personality.

Judith brings every character to life in her film. She takes the viewer on a dreamy trip into her imaginary world. This results in a series of ‘tableaux vivants’. The setting is mysterious, naughty, dreamy and slightly provocative. She creates a rather unique piece of art.


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