Welcome to our online webshop. These are our terms and conditions for the use of the webshop www.judithlingerie.com

Please read these carefully before you purchase your items. Everyone who orders an item will be regarded as having accepted these terms and conditions.

Payment terms:

All the items and their prices are in euro, €, excl. the shipping cost. The shipping cost will be added to the selling cost, you will see this when you purchase your item. The final amount will be incl. shipping cost. When the payment has reached us, we will send the item. This means that the item will be sent within 3 to 4 working days. The delivery date will be within 5 to 6 working days.

If you pay with your credit card you give JUDITH the right to check if your card is valid and if there is room for expenditure to withdraw the purchase amount.

Shipping and delivery:

JUDITH will make sure your item will arrive as soon as possible at the address given by the purchaser and this only while the stock last.

All items on the webshop are generally in stock, But It’s possible that an item is out of stock. When this happens JUDITH will contact and inform you. This will happen by email or telephone. If the item can’t be delivered the amount will be deposited back to the purchaser within the 30 days.

If the shipping address is incorrect the cost of solving this problem is on the purchaser.

The delivery period of 6 to 7 working days is not binding. This means that if this takes longer it’s not a reason to cancel the agreement and claim your money back. Nevertheless, if the item does not reach the purchaser JUDITH will deposit the money back within the 30 days after the suggested delivery date.